Riding off the wave of last week’s introduction of the OneLab team, a new app that is the product of the wonderful efforts of OneLab has been introduced. And it is fully inspired by the global OnePlus community, all by the fitting name of ‘Clipt’.

Last year, during an online OnePlus research session with Community members in a topic dubbed ‘content creators’, a common issue was found when people were asked to move something, anything from their phone to a computer. Some people would e-mail themselves, others used messaging apps, and some used cloud services.

I personally find myself in this scenario a lot since I tend to use my OnePlus 9 Pro as a ‘substitute office’ to store, send and access files on the go which I often wish were readily available on my computer. And considering the sometimes network connectivity issues that exists in some parts of Kenya and Africa in general, on top of costly mobile data services. I often find myself spending more time duplicating things between my phone and computer and sometimes even having to carry both with me.

OnePlus thought this would be an interesting problem to try and solve. And after a few months of work and testing, the final product is available for all to experience.

If you’ve ever emailed yourself an image, messaged yourself on a chat app just to get something on your phone, or been annoyed with the 25MB limit on email clients then you will love this app!

As the idea was inspired by the awesome OnePlus community, we’re helping in spreading the news about it. If you want to be the first to test then click on the links below:

Clipt Google Play Download

Clipt Chrome Download

Full Video Demonstration

Once installed, the App and Chrome extension creates a link between your devices to seamlessly connect your clipboard, which enables you to copy on one device and paste on another or use it to send files back and forth easily, connected to as many devices as you’d like.

Click on the links and give it a well deserved try

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