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It’s with great excitement that we can officially announce the OnePlus Nord 2 x PAC-MAN Edition – a device that pushes the limits of a great everyday phone in a package that’s fully customized to celebrate one of gaming’s biggest icons. Best of all, it is coming to Kenya. Here are the details,

As you know, when OnePlus teams up with another brand or IP, its not just slapping a new logo on an existing device and call it a day. Because, let’s be honest, who wants that? Nobody, that’s who. Instead, we focus on delivering refreshing, rich experiences you’ll enjoy and remember for years to come.

With the OnePlus Nord 2 x PAC-MAN Edition, the team has really pulled out all the stops to make this device as much of a celebration to the pellet munching, ghost evading, and wacca-wacca-ing character as we possibly could. Naturally, we can’t wait for you to see it, and experience it, for yourself.

Before we delve deeper into the device, you’re probably wondering – why did OnePlus decide to join forces with PAC-MAN? Well, the answer’s pretty simple – to deliver the same incredible specs and features you love from Nord 2 in a refreshing package that takes entertainment to the next level. In other words, the OnePlus Nord 2 x PAC-MAN Edition is Fast. Smooth. And way more fun.

Okay, so what makes the OnePlus Nord 2 x PAC-MAN Edition so special? Well, that all starts with its color, material, and finish (CMF). The handset comes with a reimagined rear cover boasting a dual film design with phosphorescent ink applied to its innermost film that enables the device to glow in the dark. Yes, you read that right – the OnePlus Nord 2 x PAC-MAN Edition glows in the dark, showcasing a maze inspired by the classic game. Seriously, you need to see this thing. But that comes later…

Next up – software. With the OnePlus Nord 2 x PAC-MAN Edition, we haven’t just overhauled OxygenOS’s UI and filled it with nods to PAC-MAN (although, we’ve done both of those things). Instead, we’ve gamified the device’s software experience by inserting games, challenges, and lots of exclusive (and hidden) PAC-MAN content throughout, some of which you’ll need to unlock. Think of it like mastering an arcade game, only without spending a ton of quarters.

The OnePlus Nord 2 x PAC-MAN Edition will be sold in a single variant with 12GB RAM and 256GB storage with price specifications to follow.

Pre-Orders begin in November, 2021.

Okay, here’s the part where we tell you how to be in with a chance of winning a OnePlus Nord 2 x PAC-MAN Edition of your own. Simply head to and play the PAC-MAN game. Get a high enough score and you’ll be in with a chance of winning the device. We’re giving away three phones in total, along with a free pair of OnePlus Buds Z – so get chasing those high scores already.

We’ll have more details to share about the OnePlus Nord 2 x PAC-MAN Edition in the coming days. So make sure to stay tuned to our blog and the social media accounts.

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