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By now you’ve probably seen one version of the upcoming OnePlus 9 Pro, the Morning Mist, and I can tell you that as stunning as the renders are, nothing compares to actually having the device in your hand. But it’s also just one of several CMFs (color, material, finish) we developed for the OnePlus 9 series. And today I want to tell you about another one, the OnePlus 9 Pro Pine Green.

OnePlus 9 Pro Pine Green CMF

We say “CMF” for good reason, it’s more than just a color. When we design our phones we think about the material, the texture of it, how it catches the light. Most of the time your eyes might be on the display, but your hand will be touching the back, so the material matters. The OnePlus 9 Pro Pine Green uses a double-layered finish, with a matte film underlying a matte-frosted glass, and the result feels every bit as soft and smooth as it looks. That finishing also reduces fingerprint buildup, so it stays pristine green.

OnePlus 9 Pro Pine Green

Like our other CMFs, this gorgeous, serene hue is inspired by the natural world, and that, I think, gives it a timeless quality. Pine Green’s quiet beauty never wears out: it’s just as captivating the thousandth time you pick it as it was the first time you held it.

If you want to find out more about this or other yet-to-be-announced CMFs, join us for the OnePlus 9 Series launch event on Tuesday, 23rd March, at 5 PM Kenyan time at https://www.oneplus.com/launch.

See you then

OnePlus CEO – Pete Lau

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