OnePlus Warp Charge Type-C to Type-C Cable

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I like to use my device while it’s charging from time to time, so I always wind up using the longer OnePlus cables. There’s nothing wrong with the ones that come with the devices, it’s just that I hate being so close to the wall or outlet. This also helps with accidental unplugs if I happen to move to far away.


Anyone that has the OnePlus 8T will also notice that the OnePlus Warp Charge Type-C to Type-C Cable that comes in the box is extremely thick. It’s a heavy duty cable, that I’m sure can take a beating and is less likely to break from wear and tear, but it’s overall thickness makes it less flexible than other OnePlus cables and it can be a little uncomfortable to get a handle of if you’re using your device while it’s plugged in. It’s a little stiff.


To my pleasant surprise, the 150cm cable is slightly thinner, less stiff and more flexible than the cable that comes with the 8T and 9 Series. The 150cm cable still has some weight and thickness to it, but the slight improvements are welcomed. The picture above shows the OG cable on the right and the 150 on the left.


Another pic using the 8T macro lens 🧐. The OG cable is on the left. 150 is on the right


There’s a little comparison of the thickness of the cables themselves.


If you’re like me and you like to use your phone while charging, I’d highly recommend picking up the 150cm cable. Not only is it longer but the cable itself is far more flexible, and less stiff, which makes it more comfortable for the user.

Here’s the link for those that want to purchase 😎 :
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