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We provide professional and fast OnePlus repair services in Kenya, servicing broken screens, battery replacements,power/charging issues, water damage, software, updates, reversion and more. Each repair starts with a detailed diagnostics test to localize the source of faults and we advise our clients on the solution and the estimated time the repair will take.  If your OnePlus smartphone has a cracked screen, deteriorated battery, muffled audio, or any other issue, we are here to help. We specialize in fast, dependable OnePlus smartphone repair services so that you don’t have to be without your device for long.

You can rest easy when you have your device repaired with us. We offer a guarantee on all our repairs and services. So rest assured if something is out of the ordinary after your repair, we will take care of it for you free of charge. Restrictions may apply. Our personal electronics are used in almost every aspect of our life. We strive to get your device back to its original condition in the shortest amount of time possible, without sacrificing quality. Count on us to get your device back to you in no time.