Hello everyone,

OnePlus CEO just tweeted that something is happening on March 8, 2021! That’s right, the tweet claims, something new is on the horizon and we probably will find out what it is on the 8th. But that’s 2 days of waiting and if there’s anything I’ve learned in all these years it is, no one likes to wait.

The time seems right and the hype train is ready to depart…. But wait, What’s the fun in stating the obvious? This it an opportunity to have some fun.

So, while we countdown to D-Day, We will be asking our followers on our social media pages to guess what it may be, on our stories and posts I invite you to guess what’s happening on March 8.
P.s. wrong answers only!

Looking at the calendar, it’s International women’s day. So maybe OnePlus, in collaboration with Nasa, is flying an all-women crew to the moon? Or perhaps OnePlus is finally going to give you the much-awaited nougat on your OnePlus 2? (from the moon ofc!) I don’t know, but I bet you have your own theories (conspiracy or not) and now’s the time for you to share them with us. Let your imagination get the best out of you, the moon is the limit 🌚

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